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1200 S Hayes St
Arlington, VA 22020-5050

(703) 413-1100 x5204

About me

I'm a member of the statistics group at the RAND Corporation in the Washington, DC office.

Previously I was a post-doctoral research associate in the Department of Statistical Science at Duke University, working under the guidance of Prof. Jerry Reiter. I graduated with a PhD in Statistics from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in August of 2009 where my adviser was Prof. Rick Nordheim. Prior to that, I majored in math at Whitman College.

Broadly, I am interested in applied Bayesian methods, focusing on applications in the social and health sciences.  Recent and current projects include: Bayesian multinomial probit models; selection and switching models; latent factor quantile regression; imputation techniques for missing data; exploratory data analysis for quantile regression; data confidentiality. See the research page for details.